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Rules for Unreal Tournament 2004 - Duel 1vs1 - All Weapons

1. Introduction

Every ladder has a set of rules, please take the time to read through these rules and learn them to avoid conflicts.

2. Eligibility

2.1. Player Eligibility

All players participating in the Unreal Tournament 2004 ladder must have an account on ScrimBase ( In order to participate in ladders hosted by ScrimBase, you must meet the following requirements: You must be a registered player on the ScrimBase platform. You must have Unreal Tournament 2004. If you do not meet these requirements you will be deemed ineligible.

2.2. Player Names

ScrimBase reserves the right to edit Nicknames. Team or player names that are too similar to that of another player and are subject to be changed by ScrimBase. It is not allowed to play with a different game name than the one stated in your ScrimBase profile (only well-known aliases can be used). An incorrect ingame player name may lead to a barrage for the player.

2.3. Player Disconnects

If a player disconnects at any point in the match, he won’t lose the entire map. The disconnected player is allowed to rejoin as soon as he is able and continue the match. If the disconnected player takes more than 15 minutes to return to the match, the victory will be granted to his opponent.

2.4. Abandoning / Forfeit

In the event a player is online, has played at least 1 round but is not responding within 15 minutes to any of the contact ways that we have on ScrimBase (Discord: Chat, Personal Message or Call), the player will receive a default loss for the remaining rounds.

Note: please keep in mind that the opponent or the admin are not forced to contact you through all ways.

2.5. Admins & Official Streamers

Admins and/or official streamers are always allowed to join any battle played in ScrimBase competitions to spectate. If an admin or an official streamer asks you to invite him to the lobby in an ScrimBase competition, you have to do it.

If you refuse to invite the admin and/or the broadcaster, the following penalties will be given out:

  • The first time it happens, a warning will be given to the player.
  • The second time it happens, 1 week ban from the ladder.
  • The third time it happens, 1 month ban from the ladder.

2.6. Game Version

All players must use the newest version of the game in order to participate in ladders hosted by ScrimBase. Updates and all necessary files must be installed before the match starts.

3. Ladder Format and Rules

3.1. Rule Enforcement

The rules are a guideline and the decisions by admins may differ from them depending on the circumstances. ScrimBase admins may change these rules at any time without prior notice.

3.2. Game Preparations

Please resolve any problems that might occur before a match starts. Connection or hardware problems during a match could lead to a disqualification by ScrimBase admins. Agreements between the players have to be posted as match comments. The match must be played with the correct settings.

3.3. Failure to Show

If a player is not ready to play 15 minutes after the scheduled match time, please submit a support ticket. Any delays must be immediately brought to a ladder moderators attention. If a player fails to show up for a match within the given time, penalties may be applied. Penalties include, but are not limited to, forfeiting the match or forfeiting a map.

3.4. Disconnects

In the case that a player disconnects, the disconnected player has to rejoin the match as soon as they’re able to. Continued disconnection and rejoins is allowed no more than 3 times.

3.5. Forfeits / No Show

Players can choose to no show a match if they wish. No showing a match gives a -10 points deduction on the ladder. Forfeiting for not following the rules, cheating or any other reason will result in loss of the match and a points deduction of -120.

4. Match Format and Rules

4.1. Ladder Settings

  • Insta Duel
  • Match type: 1on1
  • Gametype: InstaGib Duel
  • Win condition: Best of 3
  • Time limit per round: 10 mins
  • Frag limit per round: 30 frags

4.1. Maplist

  • DM-1on1-Aerowalk
  • DM-1on1-Backspace-FE
  • DM-1on1-Lea_ESWC2k5-SE
  • DM-1on1-Reverse
  • DM-1on1-Roughinery-FPS
  • DM-1on1-Squader-Remix
  • DM-DE-Ironic-FE
  • DM-Rankin-FE
  • DM-Sateca-SE

4.2. Server Settings

  • AntiTCC: On
  • NetServerMaxTickRate=60
  • LanServerMaxTickRate=60
  • TimeLimit=10
  • GoalScore=0
  • mutator=XGame.MutNoAdrenaline
  • XWeapons.MutNoSuperWeapon
  • weaponstay=False
  • DoubleDamage=False
  • GrenadesOnSpawn=1
  • TimedOverTimeLength=1
  • MaxSpectators=2
  • bForceRespawn=True
  • SpawnProtectionTime=0.000000
  • [utcompv17a.MutUTComp]
  • bEnableVoting=False
  • bEnableMapVoting=False
  • bEnableGametypeVoting=False
  • bEnableWarmup=True
  • bEnableUTCompAutoDemorec=True

5. General Ladder Rules

5.1. Challenging

In a ladder, any participant may challenge another. The challenge may be refused by the challenged if they choose.

Every player/team starts off with 1000 points on the ladder when joining. If you want to beat the number 1 of a ladder, you have to be in the top 5 to get it. If you are below the top 5 you will win maximum points (+120), the current number one loses his position and the second runner up will take it.

5.2. Agreements

Certain agreements between participants are allowed to slightly differ from the ScrimBase rules. Agreements that differ greatly from ScrimBase rules are however not allowed. Please note that the ScrimBase rules were made to ensure a fair match for all participants. You are not allowed to file a protest after the match if you think that the agreements made before the match in the end resulted in a disadvantage for your or your team. Such agreements must be documented in the match notes when challenging.

6. Game Rules

6.1. Game Restarts

In a restarted game each participant must choose the same teams, maps as picked at the start of the the original match. Both players must agree to the restart.

6.2. Spectators

The only people allowed to spectate matches are ScrimBase admins and members of the stream team. It goes without saying that if someone is spectating, they are not allowed to have any communications with the teams that are playing.

6.3. Map Picking System

The challenging team can choose the second played map. The accepting team can pick the first played map. If the match ends in 1 - 1 a third map will be played, each player is banning one map, till they are left with one remaining. Banning is started by the player that won first map

6.4. Server Selection

All matches must be played on properly setup server. Players will agree on the server played before the match starts.

6.5. Aliasing in matches to pass yourself off as someone else

Offenders and players proven to have knowledge of the aliasing will be punished. The offending parties will be removed from the current ladder. This is firm and it will be enforced.

6.6. Cheating

No Cheating! Any player caught cheating will be banned for a period of 6 months from the date that they were caught.

6.7. Glitches

A player/team is not allowed to exploit any game-related glitches and it may result in the forfeit loss of a map. Glitches include but are not limited to:

1) Binding movements like thrusts to other keys is outlawed;
2) Hiding in glitches/bugged solid materials is illegal.

6.8. Demos

All players will be required to demo all maps. There is no valid excuse for not recording a demo of your game - if you don't know how to do it or yours is 'broken' then contact an admin. A player must hold on to their demos for the duration of 14 days.

1) A player/team may request a maximum of 1 demo from the opposing team (all requests must be justified and approved by an admin not involved in the match).
2) An admin not participating in the match has the right to request as many demos as they want.
3) Cheating accusations will be reviewed and ruled on by an anti-cheat team.

7. Results

Both participants are responsible to enter the correct result. Results must be submitted after the match has been played. If a result is submitted incorrectly, participants should have screenshots and the required replay files available to verify the result and file a protest.

7.1. Protests

The opposing player has 1 week to protest the report. Match protests must include match media evidence clearly showing the results of the match/series. Players are responsible for providing proof of match results in case of disputes.

8. Player Conduct

8.1. Competitive Integrity

Players are expected to behave at their best at all times. Unfair conduct may include, but is not limited to, hacking, exploiting, ringing and intentional disconnection. Players are expected to showcase good sportsmanship and fair play. The ScrimBase admins maintain the sole judgement for violations of these rules.

8.2. Compliance

Players must follow the instructions of the ScrimBase admins at all times.

8.3. Hate Speech

Players are prohibited from using any language that is obscene, abusive, hateful, insulting, threatening, racist, or otherwise offensive or objectionable.

8.4. Cheating

Any form of cheating will not be tolerated. When cheating is uncovered the player/team in question will immediately be removed from the ladder and banned from all competitions for 6 months. Players may be requested to install anticheat software on their devices for competing in the aldder. Examples of cheating include, but are not limited to:

8.4.1. DDoSing

Limiting, or attempting to limit, another participant’s connection to the game through a Distributed Denial of Service attack or any other means.

8.4.2. Match Fixing

Attempting to intentionally alter the results of a match by losing or otherwise trying to affect the results.

8.4.3. Nickname Sharing

Allowing individuals who are not the nickname’s owner to play on a player’s name during an official match.

8.4.4. Software or Hardware

Using any software or hardware to gain benefits that are otherwise not available in-game. Examples include, but are not limited to: any form of scripting, no-fog, coloured models, texture changes and sound changes.

8.5. Disqualification

ScrimBase reserves the right to disqualify teams and players. Any team found to be using a known exploit will forfeit their game upon the first occurrence of the exploit. If the team is found to use another known exploit for a second time, and it is determined to have been done on purpose, they will be removed from the event and barred from any future events.

9. Match Media

All match media must be kept for at least 14 days. Faking or manipulating match media is forbidden and will result in severe penalties. Match media should be named clearly based on what it is.

Match media are all uploads, including but not limited to: screenshots, demos, models and videos.

10. Technical Issues

Players/Teams are responsible for their own technical issues, including hardware, software and/or internet issues. Matches will not be rescheduled because of technical issues and matches will be played nevertheless.

11. Casting and Streaming

Casting a match is only permitted with a ScrimBase admin agreement. To get an agreement please write a support ticket.

11.1. Personal Streaming

Personal Streaming is always allowed.

These rules are last revised on 15 November 2017