We enforce this policy on all fields of the ScrimBase website, but also during messages and in game talking during matches. Make sure to read through it and handle accordingly.

Abuse & Cyberbullying

Abusive behaviour will be punished accordingly, if you experience any of the points mentioned below make sure to contact us. We take action against the following abuses:

  • Any form of racism
  • Providing content which is considered as extreme gore, pornographic material or nudity
  • Unsolicited advertising
  • Exposing viruses or malware
  • Promoting or spreading cheats, hacks or exploits
  • Spamming on the forums
  • Misleading other users
  • Cyberbullying, herassment and repeated insulting or bothering
  • Offending any of the ScrimBase crew, supervisors or moderators
  • Providing false information, lying or being dishonest
  • Creating fake matches, accounts and/or teams


It is unacceptable to cheat during a match on ScrimBase and even outside of a match, if anyone proves to us that you cheat or have cheated we will take action against you. We consider the following as cheating:

  • Cheating, using wallhack, aimbot, unofficial skins, triggers, soundhacks and such..
  • Traces of cheats, like variable settings also if you didn't actually cheat in the match
  • Using game exploits known or unknown
  • Promoting or selling cheats
  • Falsifying evidence or match information is also counted as cheating.

Always Report it to ScrimBase

If you experienced someone cheating in a match or know someone that is cheating and have evidence? Do not hesitate to contact us or make a support ticket.