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Denmark Kiwi from HardKnocks
Just an suggestion. I would like to be able to make an open challenge on a ladder. I am thiking it could be something like chosing the ladder, date, time and map, and then the first team that accept, get that match. It would be easier then having to contact or challenge teams that don't respond, or first decline in the last moment to a challenge.

I think it could work to get more matches.
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Netherlands jjwTje^ from ScrimBase Crew
Thanks for the suggestion, we actually have a system like that planned down the line.

We put a hold on it because most clans search their matches on Discord right now and when they find an opponent they challenge and accept right away. That's why we put the most popular Discord channel on top of the ladder page so people can search matches in there for now.

But we are definitely going to add a system like that in the future.
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Netherlands Mh-
isnt that like the old Enemy Down Ladder? that worked very well :)
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