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Egypt nervoholiC^ from ez pz lemon squeezy
hello ,
well as u know helmor got banned ,
back in the day on cb , you couldnt remove a banned player from ur clan until his ban ends ,
you can see there that someone removed him from the clan after the ban

second suggestion is adding a suspended list for every clan on the clan profile page at the bottom (just like cb)

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Netherlands jjwTje^ from ScrimBase Crew
Hi nervoholiC^,

Yes, this is something we want to do. A hall of shame sort of.

But we are waiting with this for the anti-cheat to be ready, because we want to integrate it into ScrimBase completely. This way we have a connection with the anti-cheat and direct evidence about any case of cheating.

Thanks for the suggestion, we will keep you in the loop about this.
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