Class restrictions on Ladder Matches

Posted in Days of War by GTR
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Netherlands GTR from HardKnocks
Hi there,

I have been discussing this with quite a number of teams and we all feel that the class restrictions as they are now aren't how they should be.

What we would like to see is a small change in the rules concerning the class restrictions on ladder matches (and perhaps tournaments in the near future?) At the moment it is possible for a team to play with 2 marksmen + 1 rifleman on the Axis side. On the US side you are only allowed 1 marksman and 2 riflemen.

We think that it would be better if teams are able to play with 3 riflemen/marksmen on both sides, leaving it up to them how the fill this in.

Let me know how you all feel about this, since I think this is something that should be decided on in the early stages of the ladder / game.
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France akiR0
i agree with GTR
please go for 3 rifflesman / markmans and not 2 like now

thanks in advance

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Netherlands jjwTje^ from ScrimBase Crew

I agree with this, we have gotten this request from multiple people so it's time to make this change. It will be in effect immediately, you can see an update of the rules on the ladder page in the news section.

As the game progresses we will have to adapt the ruleset, because things will change and we have to shape our rules for a perfect competitive environment.

Thanks for letting us know :)
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France Klp from epic.
Hi also agree...I applied the rule because it was the rule...but it's true that the light class restriction was not perfect.
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