With Days of War releasing tomorrow we have already setup the ladders, so get your team ready, invite your players and join the ladder so you can start playing matches right away.

Keep in mind that we are in very early stages of the game and the rules or even the game itself may change drastically. We have read some negative comments about the game not being ready for competition but i can assure you that starting competition early will shape this game for the better, we will figure out what works and what doesn't and how people like to play the game in general. Of course our rules and the ladders will adapt to the best possible environment for competitive matches.

The ladders

We have created 2 separate ladders:

Both ladders will be played with a team composition of 4, 5 or 6 players. A match will be played over one map with each team playing both sides for 20 minutes or until one team reaches 5 full captures, at the end the team with the most full captures wins the match. Read more about the ladder rules and how a match is played here.

How does it work?

Have your players join ScrimBase to make an account, create your team and invite your players to the team. You can join the Days of War Ladder by going to the EU ladder page or the US ladder page and click the blue Join Ladder button at the top right. Now your team is ready to challenge or be challenged in that ladder.

Finding a match

The best place to find an opponent is Discord, use the Days of War Discord or the ScrimBase Discord servers and type something like: LF DoW ScrimBase Match.


If both teams have joined the ladder, lookup your opponent on the ladder and click the crossed swords icon to challenge them right away. You could also ask their team link or lookup their team page to challenge them from there. Making a challenge is pretty straight forward, choose the game, select the ladder and fill in the match details. Once the challenge is done your opponent will get notified and has to accept the challenge for the match to get finalized. Exchange the server ip and password where the match will be played and start the match.

After the match

When the match is played, you can enter the score by going to your team page and click pending at the top. Here you will see the match you just played and you can enter the score for it. The other team will get notified about it and can accept the score. When that's done both teams will have their ranking automatically adjusted by the match outcome.

That's all, let's make the Days of War competitive scene great with awesome matches and sportsmanship! If you have any questions or issues hit us up, use the forums or get on our Discord.

Posted on 25 January 2017 at 17:56 by jjwTje^ from ScrimBase Crew