We just reached 1000 signups and the ladders are growing steadily, with a lot of teams playing matches everyday!

On request we just launched a Day of Defeat 1.3 ladder that we hope will be loved by the community that currently does not have any leagues anymore.

There are a lot of requests for new ladders, but we have to make sure these ladders will be active enough and also unique enough if those games are already played in other leagues. We made the mistake of creating a Counter-Strike and Quakelive ladder that both didn't have any activity on them, therefor we decided to pull both games from ScrimBase because it's just not working out for them.

Teams that joined the Counter-Strike and Quakelive ladders have been removed from the ladder and the ladder has been set to inactive.


We are still working hard to be able to host tournaments soon, for now that is our primary goal so stay tuned!

Posted on 9 March 2017 at 18:00 by jjwTje^ from ScrimBase Crew