We decided to do some cup matches now everyone is coming back, below are the links to sign up. Make sure you read the rules carefully to avoid any problems.

- Quarantine Realism 4v4 Cup
- Quarantine Default 4v4 Cup


The difference compared to the ladder rules of ScrimBase is the server command "rcon roundlimit 4" and the serverside nade pk3 file for default below.

The pk3 files that need to installed on the server are:
- Mapfix pk3
- Realism cup only CKR 1.11 pk3
- Default cup only nadefix pk3

Remember to use the server setting "rcon roundlimit 4":
- This will reduce the round time by 1 minute, from 5 minutes to 4 minutes.

The cupmatches will be played in a 6x5 format. This means you will play Hunt, V2 Rocket Facility and Bridge every match. Also draw's are not allowed. In case you end the match in a draw, 15-15, you have to play overtime rounds in a 6x3 format.

Please watch the instructions video for further info and if you still have any questions, please ask on the discord.

Posted on 13 April 2020 at 19:42 by Scrimbase