As requested by many we are adding 3 custom maps to the ranked map list for Medal of Honor Allied Assault ladders. The maps we have chosen are carefully selected and already known by many players so we feel this is the right time to introduce them to ranked play.

These are the 3 new maps:

With these new maps we hope to achieve new competitive elements to Medal of Honor Allied Assault and make matches more interesting. If these maps are received well and proven to be excellent in competitive play we will be adding more maps to the map list a little later.

Because of this change the challenge rules have also been adjusted. These new maps can be picked by the challenger and opponent alongside the standard maps, every one of them is a legit pick and they cannot be refused. If your team does not want to play them you can agree on this when arranging the match, decline the challenge or if the challenge has already been completed you can cancel it if both teams agree.

Where to get them?

You can download these maps in a pack here. To install these maps just extract the zip and put them in your main folder inside your Medal of Honor Allied Assault installation. This works the same for installing them on your dedicated server.

How to use them?

The server commands for loading the maps are as follow:

  • St. Renan = rcon map obj/renan
  • The Bridge 2 = rcon map obj/obj_omg_team4
  • VSUK Abbey = rcon map obj/vsuk-abbeybeta

What is your favorite?

We are interested to hear what your favorite map is. Also, if you know a custom map that would be great for competitive play we are definitely interested in hearing that.

Posted on 28 November 2016 at 23:17 by jjwTje^ from ScrimBase Crew