A few weeks ago we decided to add a seasonal ladder, we thought it would give a more impactful way for future competitions. The main goal was to have teams actively play on it so they could gather a certain position in order to have access to the first seasonal cup that is happening in June. While the overall activity wasn't bad, many of you felt it was more rewarding, more casual and less time consuming to play for the old ladder and we hear you.

So we decided to remove the seasonal ladder and continue all other plans but within the normal ladder. There will still be a cup in june and your ranking will still influence your starting position in the cup.

For that to work we cleaned the normal ladder and removed all inactive teams from it. We will keep doing that to make the ladder more engaging and have more activity.

Here's how to place yourself for the cup in June

  • Your team has to have played at least 10 matches against 5 different teams in the last 90 days before the cup starts. This is so we know a clan is active enough.
  • You do not have to choose a team, but ofcourse be registered in the team when playing. However, for the cup teams need to have a unique roster/team, so players are bound to a single team during the cup.
  • We also felt that the the Quarantine cup format was taking a bit longer than expected. We'll change that and use a Double Elimination format in the June cup and gather feedback from there. It's a widely used format, for instance, in the League of Legends community. If you want to learn more about how that works: click here.

Points gained on the seasonal ladder

We want to award the activity in the seasonal ladder by giving +10 rating for every match played, +15 rating for every match won and +5 for a draw. This rating is already added to your team, you can see how much your team got by going to the team log.

Below a list with the teams that have been awarded points:

Team Points
syK ' Otic 140
-move Quickly!- 80
The pers0wnages Clan 75
simply the best 25
illskillz. 85
name evolution 120
#aftrekken.moh - sponsored by YOURslipmat.com 25
n0name 35
Checks Over Stripes 35
Egram 45
graphix^ 10
Tactical Reconnect 45
The Eternity Clan 10
Spectators 10
Triple Z Clan 20
Psychotic and Disturbed 65
#oldboyZ 60

Let us know if you have more suggestions in order to improve the competitiveness of the game and community.

Thank you for staying with us and keep the game alive!

Posted on 13 May 2020 at 23:59 by Scrimbase