With just a few exciting matches left to play in the MOHAA Quarantine Cup we can look forward towards new tournaments. We wish the remainder of the teams much luck and may the best team win fair and square!

The future...

We are looking to improve the tournament structure so it can be enjoyable and playable for as much players as possible. We understand that the average age of our community is higher then your average online shooter community and with that we all have more responsibilities outside the game, which will result in less time to be able to play the game.


The things we want to stay:

  • Exiciting matches
  • Matches to be streamed and shoutcasted
  • Fairplay
  • To have a fun and have a welcoming MOHAA community that will last

What we want to change:

  • Super long lasting cups
  • We want more sportmanship, where teams treat each other a little bit nicer and everyone plays the game clean (no bug abuse and no cheating)
  • We want less filler matches and more matches that matter

The ScrimBase Summer Cup

The upcoming tournament will differ from previous MOHAA cups. We are stepping away from the classic tournament group stages that turn into playoffs. The new new tournament will be structured as follow:

We will have atleast two divisions: Premier Division and Challengers Division

Premier Division

The 12 best teams will battle for the title in a double-elimination tournament. The bracket will be based off the team's ScrimBase ladder ranking. When losing a match in the winner bracket the team will have a chance to redeem themselfs in the lower bracket.

Challengers Division

The remainder of the teams will fight for the Challenger title in a similar double-elimination tournament bracket. The bracket will also be based off the team's ScrimBase rank.

Signup for the Realism Summer Cup: click here!
Signup for the Default Summer Cup: click here!

Ideal match shedule:

Schedule Activity
Week 1 of the cup WB Round1
Week 2 of the cup WB Round2
Week 3 of the cup LB Round1
Week 4 of the cup WB Round3 & LB Round2
Week 5 of the cup LB Round3 & LB Round4
Week 6 of the cup Winner Bracket Final & Loser Bracket Final
Week 7 of the cup Grand Final

* Teams have 1 week to play their match from the moment the teams are seeded in the round and it's clear who plays versus who.

Change in Admin Structure

The new ScrimBase Tournament Crew:

  • Default Admin - pstN
  • Realism Admin - BrianDJ
  • Regular Crew - BrianDJ & Dictator

ScrimBase Crew:
All admins who will be part of the ScrimBase Crew.

  • BrianDJ
  • Dictator
  • jjwTje^
  • Visiiri
  • pstN
  • error
  • rosski

Discord crew:

  • ihqhevonen
  • Ivy

Tech crew:

  • Appelpitje
  • Brixton
  • DoubleKill
  • Shadow

Alphamac development

  • Ryback

The Community Council

When The ScrimBase Summer Cup will start the Cheat Police will be replaced by The Community Council. The initial council will be formed by allowing each participating team in the cup to put forward a player as their representative. The representatives will form The Community Council and will make decisions in certain matters, which we think should be decided by the active community, like: cheating cases or rule changes. Each council member represents his or her team and will be allowed to give a single vote in certain matters.

Present a case to The Community Council: fill in this form!

A few general rules regarding The Community Council

  • When a council member fails to share their vote, their vote will not count
  • When a council member fails to share their vote twice, they may be replaced by another teammember or removed entirely
  • If The Community Council can't make a decision, then ScrimBase management will be the deciding factor

Further information about the voting and the rules will be shared with the council members.

Posted on 21 June 2020 at 19:21 by Scrimbase