Inform yourself and your team, read the Global Rules here.

Rules for The Last of Us - Competitive Ladder - Season 1

Main Rules

1 - People can only be in 2 teams, people whoever joins 3 teams or so will be punished.

In-Game Rules

1 - Only 2 players can use Burst in 4v4s.
2 - Only 1 player can use Burst in 3v3s.
3 - Only 2 players can use Hunting Rifle in 4v4s.
4 - Only 1 player can use Hunting Rifle in 3v3s.

Banned Stuff

  • Armour

Glitch Situations

Map Glitches
Weapon Glitches
or any kind of Glitchs arent allowed, will result in a forfeit of map if used.


  • Checkpoint
  • The Dam
  • Bill's Town
  • University
  • Water Tower
  • Downtown
  • Capitol
  • Financial Plaza
  • Lakeside
  • Hometown
  • High School
  • Beach


1 - The team who sends the challenge picks the first map they want to play on.
2 - You arent allowed to stay in lobby more than five minutes each round.
3 - If anyone having issues to connect to the host of lobby, you simply need to change the host.

Host Disconnecting - Leaving The Match

1 - If the host lags out or leaves the match, that results in forfeit of the map.
2 - If a player drops out or simply leaves the match, they arent supposed to join back and the match has to be played without them.


1 - You have to add your ID to your account to be eligible to compete.
2 - All IDs on accounts must be valid, you arent able to put someone else's ID as your ID and get people in trouble.
3 - You arent allowed to use people that isnt in your team or challenge without asking the enemy team.

Reporting Matches - Disputes

1 - Both teams are responsible for reporting their matches after the completion of match, if one team does not report the result the other team will automatically get the win.
2 - If in any case you arent sure about the match or you have situation that you should talk to an admin, you need to create a ticket or contact the admins from the discord server.
3 - Don't dispute a match that you lost with fake proofs or false report. Remember that 4 false reports or false disputes will lead you a ban.


1 - Please use Imgur, Twitter or YouTube for your proofs. Facebook or any other website sometimes deletes them by itself or sometimes admins cant even see reach the websites.
2 - Please focus on including everything in your proofs, otherwise it would lead an admin to make false decision.


Players that you caught cheating, glitching, or abusing game mechanics in anyway must be messaged to an admin via tickets or discord.

These rules are last revised on 24 May 2020