Inform yourself and your team, read the Global Rules here.

Rules for Day of Defeat 1.3 - Domination


Every ladder has a set of rules, please take the time to read through these rules and learn them to avoid conflicts. Reading the global rules must also be done before entering a ladder of any game choice. visit and read these rules here.

1. Match rules

A match is played over one map with both teams playing each side for 20 minutes. (1x20 minutes as Allied and 1x20 minutes as Axis). Points will be counted at the end of each round by the Team Leader (or replacement when this person is unavailable to play the match) and at the end of every side it is required to take a screenshot of the score, along with the HLTV demo and upload it so a final score count will be made and shown on the ScrimBase Ladder. Note that before playing a match you must have your Steam ID entered in your ScrimBase profile, else you are not allowed to play.

For more information about the challenge system, please check out this article.

Between each round, a 5 minute break or longer is allowed if agreed upon by both teams in advance or on the spot. (We all need toilet breaks after all) If both teams want to continue as normal with the 5 minute break then the match will resume as normal.

Scoring System

The points gained from every flag cap is the same as it is in every (pcw/public) game. The final score after each round has to be screenshotted and submitted to the match score at the end of the match. (You can see more info about that here.)

The ladder ranking is based on an ELO system for points, which will be calculated after both teams accepted the score of the match.

2. Limitations

By default teams will play with a maximum class limit of:

  • 3x Rifle class (K98, K43, Enfield, Garand, M1carbine)
  • 1x Sniper Class (Scoped K98, Scoped Enfield, Springfield)
  • 2x Heavy Support Class (STG44, MG42, MG34, BREN, BAR, 30cal)

The medium class (MP40, fg42, Scoped fg42, STEN, Thompson, greasegun) is allowed to replace any class if the teams wants to, but this is to be arranged on team comms between members themselves.

Friendly Fire will ALWAYS be on. This is not allowed to be changed so watch your fire!

The only players allowed to play in Ladder matches are those who are signed up and joined a team. Not knowing how to register should not be a problem as help can be asked from friends and clanmembers who have already registered.

3. Maplist:

The following maps will be added to the maprotation:

  • dod_anzio
  • dod_avalanche
  • dod_chemille
  • dod_donner
  • dod_harrington
  • dod_kalt
  • dod_lennon_b2
  • dod_merderet
  • dod_northbound
  • dod_railroad
  • dod_railroad2_b2
  • dod_saints
  • dod_sherman2_b5
  • dod_solitude_b2

This map list has been formed to give each team multiple fighting chances on several maps. (New maps will be added in the future)

It is encouraged to pick a different map once in a while. This is to maintain a level of activeness in the Ladder and to motivate a sense of diversity. This in turn will assure every team has an equal chance on a wide arrange of maps. On which day this map is played is settled by the challenge system. The amount of challenges made or accepted is in the hands of the team leaders themselves. Although every challenge may be declined, atleast 1 match is encouraged to play weekly. The more matches you play, the higher your score rating will be.

Every team can only play against a certain team once every 5 matches. Multiple challenges to the same team is not allowed. When a team has won multiple match in a week and does not get challenged anymore or not at all in the week, it will simply be considered as unlucky that no challenges by that team are accepted or that they are challenged. A team being better is no excuse for not challenging it, it all depends on teamplay and luck, even the top teams can have a bad day or play a map they dont like.

4. Client settings

All the standard skins are allowed. Custom sprites besides crosshair packs and player weapon models are forbidden.

Mouse changes from default to increase will not be allowed as these influence the gaming performance in a negative sense to others and will be considered as cheating. These are the following (with explanation):

  • m_pitch // sets the mouse pitch (up and down motion) speed sensitivity multiplier - * negative numbers result in an inverted mouselook
  • m_side // sets the mouse strafing speed sensitivity multiplier
  • m_yaw // sets the yaw speed sensitivity multiplier

The following cfg edit is not allowed and MUST remain default (and will be visible when demo is watched) as this influences the game in a way that will be considered cheating:

  • gl_monolights // toggles a uniform light source with no shadows - * 1 is 'on', 0 is 'off', and works in OpenGL only

5. Server settings

It is not allowed to change any server setting after the match has started, doing so will result in a forfeit loss.


6. Recording the match

Match recording is required by both sides and HLTV settings for fanfilm purposes AND as prove of cheating. Both rounds need to be recorded seperately.

To record your match, when ingame, open your console and type in record (random name). To end the recording prematurely, re-open console and type stop record.

Demo's recorded can be found in: Steam/Steamapps/common/Half Life/dod as .dem files.

7. Miscellaneous rules

Substitutions can only be made at side switches. The only exception to this rule is when a player is having severe connection problems, and is unable to continue playing. Lag is not an example of this. In these cases you can change to a new player after the next round has started without pause. Changing a player between rounds is only allowed when, during the break, it is agreed upon by both sides that a substitute will be made. If one side does not agree, then the player in question MUST remain on the server and continue the match. Failing to do so will result in a forfeit loss. Agreements who play can be made long before making a challenge. However, it is considered polite and social if the reason for substitution is of a severe case, for example:

  • Urgent family affairs
  • Sudden occuring responsibilities regarding children
  • Sudden illness

Failing to comply to such reason will, not only, be viewed as anti-social, this can also lead to teams not wanting to play against your team anymore. We all participate in the ladder for fun, and a bit of prestige, and some things must be viewed as more important. Real life always comes before gaming!

Players who participate in the match must be included at the challenge system to show what the opposing team is up against.

Play will only stop if both teams agree, or if the end of a side is reached. Teams officially have 5 minutes between team changing (unless granted more by the other team).

It is NOT allowed to kick any player during play. The ONLY exception to this rule is when a player has timed out, and is waiting to re-enter the server. Permission must first be obtained from the opposing team, and wait for the opposing team to ask for a player to be kicked if it is one of their players.

8. Cheating and abuse

Matches may be edited to a cancellation, no-show, forfeit loss or a win for the opponent - depending on the ladder rules and severity of the problem. A forfeit loss is the standard punishment for all violations unless the punishment is otherwise stated in the rules.

It is not allowed to take advantage of or abuse bugs. Any kind of bug abuse is considered cheating and will lead to a forfeit loss, unless otherwise mentioned specifically in the game-related rules.

All programs or files, either changed game files or new files, that change the game or add to its functionality, or which interact with the game in any way, are strictly forbidden. Modified versions of the game's resource files are always forbidden, regardless of what they do.

The only exceptions to the rule above are clientside applications for anti-cheat and all the ScrimBase approved custom maps plus its accompanied maps folder.

Programs that do not interact with the game in any way are allowed, even if they can be used and operated simultaneously with the game. Voice communication programs are examples of such programs.

Any place on the map that you can reach by yourself, without altering server settings, is allowed. It is also allowed to stack players on top of each other to look and shoot over buildings and walls.

However, it is not allowed to:

  • Jump on rooftops or walls with help of other players, when you could not have reached that place on your own (such can be done on Saints for example)
  • Go out of the map
  • Abuse any map bugs

However, it is allowed to:

  • Use the windowjump on Avalanche as this requires skill instead of using an abuse
  • So called "Wallbanging" (a.k.a shooting through walls and doors) is allowed as this requires skill, proper hearing and communication. However, when proven by way of recording that wall shots are made in extreme circumstances will be considered as cheating and will be punished accordingly
  • Any jumps made to cushion your fall and decrease the chance of losing HP are allowed. These requires skill and timing to perform

Teams abusing the ladder system in any way in order to gain an advantage or just to be a nuisance will be deleted. Further punishment may include deletion of the accounts of the person responsible for the abuse, in extreme circumstances.

Players are allowed to join a maximum of 2 teams. When both teams face each other, it is up to the player him/herself to decide in which team the person will play.

Only players who are registered in a team on ScrimBase can play in ladder matches, and they can only play with the nick (or very similar) they're registered with in that team.

When a team considers the opposing team to have better members who will be tough to beat, then this will NOT be seen as a reason for complaints. Teams can be viewed in advance and the team members must be added in the challenge section. Complaints made about this subject will be ignored. Teams may request another player to be used by the opponent before the match, if their choice is violating this rule. If they cannot replace the player then the match is a no-show.

Once the match starts, neither team can complain that the other team is using a player with a different nickname. A team may make a claim of freelancers if their opponent uses a player who is an unregistered player, or uses a substitute who is breaking the above rule, or a player changes their name into an unrecognisable nickname during the match.

Using a freelancer in a ladder match will result in a forfeit loss. Using freelancer(s) in multiple matches will result in a temporary suspension of the team from affected ladders or even all ladders. Violations are accumulated over time.

9. General

If the ladder rules for a specific ladder conflict with these global ladder rules, then the specific rules have precedence.

The proper functioning of the ladder system depends on the sportsmanship of the participating teams. We expect everybody to play by the rules, but also to be flexible when circumstances require it and to be reasonable when an opponent has problems beyond their control.

Not knowing the ladder rules is never a valid excuse for not following them.

Agreements and arrangements made in the challenge notes field, on the server or elsewhere are not binding. Only the official ladder rules and settings (maps, optional rules) decided on the challenge form should be followed and be considered as the correct rules. Agreements that contradict the ladder rules will be overruled in conflicts.

10. Before the match

Players are required to be on the server atleast 10 to 5 minutes before the start of the match. If you're more than 15 minutes late, you have to accept a no-show if your opponent insists. If you feel there's a good reason the result shouldn't be a no-show, you'll have to convince your opponent of that.

If one team is short of players or refuses to start the match with the rules agreed upon in the challenge form, the other team can demand a no-show to be filled in. Remember that challenge notes, the proposed server and agreements made elsewhere are not considered to be binding rules.

As is tradition in Day of Defeat, it is considered polite to wish each other "Good Luck & Have Fun" before the match starts. (This is what this ladder is meant to be about after all)

11. During the match

Once a match has started, its result counts, unless both sides agree it shouldn't. Ping, lag issues or incorrect server settings are no excuse for leaving; you should have checked the server before you started playing.

Also, leaving the match because the opposing team seems to be of a higher skill level will not be seen as an excuse. The team that accepted the challenge knows what they are up against and could have done research to learn more about their opponent.

Leaving a match because of foul or abusive language can only be done when you can provide evidence of this by way of a screenshot or of a recording. These must be presented as a report to the Supervisor so that the Scrimbase Crew can judge these properly and take action. MAIN CHAT IS ONLY ALLOWED TO BE USED BY TEAM LEADER/TEAM OFFICERS! On that same note, ONLY THE TEAM LEADERS ARE ALLOWED TO GIVE THE "READY" SIGN TO START THE MATCH!

12. After the match

When a match is played the score can be entered on ScrimBase, select all players that played the match, upload screenshots and/or demo's if requested and complete the match.

If one team walks away from the match, the score at the time when their last player quit can be considered to be the result of the match if the team that stayed was leading. If the leaving team was winning but the losing team could have still won the match, ScrimBase can change it to the advantage of the team that stayed.

It is considered polite to congratulate the winner after the match is over and to compliment each other on the game.

These rules are last revised on 9 March 2017