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Hello! My name is Milton, also known as, DeaD. The best MoH player of Spain, top 10 of the World.
One of the living legends of Medal of Honor: Allied Assault.
Born in Argentina, living in Spain.
My first MoH:AA name was Mad M.
My first clan was 555th Regiment or something like that.
My first serious clan or team in MoH:AA was BtW or Born to Win (a spanish team).
That's where I started to get notoriety in the MoH:AA community.
I have played along the greatest players of the planet, and for the top MoH:AA teams of the World including
inCredible (iCr.DeaD) [ Worldwide Top MoH:AA team ],
3volution (3v.DeaD) [ Top Spanish Team ],
eU (eU.DeaD) [ International team ],
goe (DeaD.goe) [ Top spanish team ],
icK (icK.DeaD) [ Winners of the official spanish Clan League "Liga LEC" ]
knockOut (kO.DeaD) [ Top United Kingdom team ),
commandos (commandos.DeaD or |c|DeaD) [ Best Portugal team ] and many more!
These teams had the best players, many of them great people who I ended being friends with!
I was in the official line-up of the National team of Spain ( spain.DeaD ).
I played MoH:AA for more than 5 years!
I never cheated; legit since day 1.
I created the legendary nade, chip through door!

This grenade trick was created to kill the door-blockers. In MoH:AA, If an enemy blocks a door and you open it, only a small part of the door opens and gets closed by the block in less than half a second. My grenade got through in that half a second, perfect gift for the door-blocker! You make it with the Right Click button, aiming upwards. This nade went "viral" and got started to be used by everyone! But few knew that I was the original creator. I was a grenade specialist, I knew dozens of nades some invented by myself training alone or with friends in a private server. The greatest grenade experts were the Portugal players! Specially, the team I played for, "commandos" which was the best team from Portugal!

With my teams I used to rank in the top 10 of Europe, top 20 minimum, many times in the top 3. The matches at this level were pure adrenaline. Being in the top of Europe MoH:AA Default was one of the most amazing feelings! Only the best teams can be there!
In 2004 / 2005, a website was created to play 1 versus 1 MoH:AA matches. I played there and I ranked among the top 10 players of the World too. The site was called 8frags or something like that (can't remember exactly :D).

I don't want to sound like bragging, but I was really known in MoH:AA. When I joined a public server people noticed it. Some feared me xD. Others loved me, and started to talk to me xD I had people who admired what I did and I was very thankful for that, because this game was my passion! In 2005 / 2006 I got tired of the cheaters and being called a cheater by jealous players. And also, got tired of the cheaters calling me a cheater. It was disrespectful to me, a player who earned it's recognition with focus, hard-work and zero cheats. I play fair! But I give my best! ^^

To the great people and friends I made in MoH:AA, playing for hours until late of the night, having laughs, incredible moments and epic times, even friendly personal chats: SubZeRo, OrBB, Skorzeny, Skizo, Sirow, Sefirot, KainDeaD, Xaero, ReAs, SierrA, Ryan, Marcelo, Revenge, G-STAR, William Wallace, Papa Pitufo, Raven, Crom, BalthaZor, Mora, Damian (and his brothers), Kaith (craziest funny guy), BigbosS, Ojo Selecto, *KaySar@*, *JayDar@*, JoSsEsI, Regus. Also my good pstN, a good player and person, developer of ScrimBase. I know there are many more but I will include them when I remember! xD

Later I started playing random games.
I became a great Gears of War player, specially with Sniper and Shotgun. Very good K/D ratios.
Some people tried to recruit me for their teams but I didn't want to get too involved.
And I also became a great Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare player. Specially with SMG. With great K/D ratios (ie: 39 - 8, 27 - 4, etc.). Similar to MoH. But I didn't want to play too seriously or in professional teams like in MoH:AA, even though I could if I wanted.

Then I got some notoriety in the FIFA community!
I have ranked in the Top 100 FIFA players of the World in FIFA 11 and the 1st of Spain. I also became one of the greatest FIFA manual players. I used to play against some of the best manual players like Kalexo, Stoney, etc. great guys too. Later I joined the Stryxa league and won my first online tournaments.
Then I joined and there I played online 1 vs 1 for money.
The level of these FIFA players was top-notch. Because we were all competing for money.
This was also one of my greatest gaming achievements:
VirginGaming gave me like 1$ dollar for joining the site to play FIFA matches. And I started playing matches for 0,10$ cents and so on. With time increasing it to 1$, 2$, 5$, 10$, I managed to earn - hundreds - of dollars without investing anything myself. I don't like gambling but if I can earn money without investing, I do it. And it worked! This is one of my greatest memories aswell.

My plans for the future or now, are that I am preparing a new Youtube channel where I will show my greatest plays of my come back to MoH:AA and other random games for fun! Hope you join my channel for epic stuff!
Channel URL : Coming Soon!

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